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Course Layout

Pictures of the Course

1st Hole    

Hole #1 Par 5 496 Blue Tee 479 White Tee  459 Red Tee:

From the Tee Box, air it out, hit it straight down the center and then

your second shot towards the green is just slightly off to the right!

                 2nd Hole

Hole #2 Par 3 182 Blue Tee 170 White Tee 153 Red Tee:

Nice straight little par 3 to get your short irons working.

If you hit a little short it can still bump up and get on the green.

3rd Hole                

Hole #3  Par 5 517 Blue Tee 500 White Tee 440 Red Tee:

When you tee off, there are trees on the left and then it doglegs to your left so you want to clear

the trees to have a good approach for your second shot. Your second shot has a downhill before

the green and then you can reach the green in third shot, unless you hit it really big on your drive

or second shot.

                 4th Hole

Hole #4 Par 4 427 Blue Tee 409 White Tee 334 Red Tee:

From the tee, there are trees on both sides but you will loose your ball if it goes

to far right so stay to the left and it is going uphill from the tee. Land on top

of the hill and you will have a good approach to the green which now has a

huge slope to the left of the green. Be careful to try to stay in the center

or to the right of the green.

5th Hole                

Hole #5 Par 4  480 Blue Tee 365 White Tee 295 Red Tee:

Tee box is above lake level and must drive over the lake to an uphill landing, ladies tee off on other

side of the lake. Over the top of the hill it is pretty straight to the green, but the green is

elevated on the approach from second shot. DO NOT hit left and long on the approach

to the green because you will be on the train tracks.

Soda machines available by the back of #5 green.

                 6th Hole

Hole #6 Par 4 436 Blue Tee 418 White Tee 362 Red Tee:

Teeing off is a straight shot to land on top of the hill for your second shot across

the lake. Big drivers can drive into the lake because of the downhill after you

land but you should be fine. the green is across the lake and is a little downhill

towards you and the lake.

7th Hole                

Hole # 7 Par 4  352 Blue Tee  334 White Tee  274 Red Tee:

When you tee off, it looks like a small opening with trees on both sides but it opens up for your

landing well. Then it is pretty straight to the green and gets you ready for hole # 8.

                 8th Hole

Hole # 8 Par 4  302 Blue Tee  285 White Tee  264 Red Tee:

Straight and seems like you can drive the green but be careful, the rough to the right can

be hazardous and cost you strokes. Just play normal and you will be fine with a good size

green to land on and work from.

9th Hole                

Hole # 9 Par 3  209 Blue Tee  183 White Tee  152 Red Tee:

From the tee box it seems longer than it really is and it is good and straight. The green on the

other hand is where it gets tricky, because your ball can roll off almost every side. So

finish smart with good round on the first nine, go to the clubhouse and get a cold drink

or some snacks and your ready to take on the back nine.


3401 Blue Total  3143 White Total  2732 Red Total

                 10th Hole

Hole # 10 Par 406 Blue Tee  389 White Tee  312 Red Tee: 

Tee off straight down the middle to get past the trees on your left,

then it doglegs to the left and has hill in your approach to the green.

11th Hole                 

Hole # 11 Par 5  484 Blue Tee  467 White Tee  397 Red Tee: 

You tee off from low going uphill and it doglegs to the right, so land left to have

good approach to the green. Your second shot will need to be towards the

left side of the green to have the best approach.

                 12th Hole

Hole #12 Par 4  436 Blue Tee  416 White  261 Red Tee: 

Follow the cart path over the train tracks to hole #12, where you tee off between

the trees to an open fairway for your approach to the green. Make sure to get

your drive up so you don't go into the creek.

13th Hole              

Hole #13 Par 3  183 Blue Tee  163 White Tee  148 Red Tee: 

Pretty Straight par 3 and can play easy if you don't over shoot the green.

Gives you a rest and gets you ready for the next hole which can be a bear.

                 14th Hole

Hole #14 Par 5  422 Blue Tee  402 White Tee  365 Red Tee:

Your tee off is to left center and a really good hit here can help you for the second shot

to get to the green. Your second shot is going over the lake but it has a big area to

land and a big green. This can be a easy hole if you play your game, but when you

try to do too much it can really bite you.

15th Hole                

Hole #15 Par 4  273 Blue Tee  259 White Tee  231 Red Tee:

This hole is uphill from the tee to the green and seems shorter than it

plays so be ready for your drives and short irons to be short.

                 16th Hole

Hole # 16 Par 4  435 Blue Tee  415 White Tee  284 Red Tee: 

You tee off over the lake and then you have another one close to the green from

the middle to the left. So make sure your second shot is a good one or to the right.

17th Hole                

Hole #17 Par 4  415 Blue Tee  400 White Tee  321 Red Tee: 

Tee off uphill and it doglegs to the right so you need to be center left on your drive.

The green is straight ahead on your second shot if you cleared the corner and it has a

hill on the front side so watch your approach.

               18th Hole

Hole #18 Par 3  217 Blue Tee  202 White Tee  190 Red Tee: 

Finish out with a straight par 3 but the green is elevated so if you hit the sides it could bounce

off the green. Beautiful hole though with it being right in front of the Brand New Clubhouse.

Side Out on Back Nine

3271 Blue Tee  3113 White Tee  2509 Red Tee

Side out Game

6672 Blue Tee   6256 White Tee  5241 Red Tee

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